Right now the rules regarding marijuana are pretty simple. It's illegal and you can't smoke it anywhere. 

But next month, on October 17th wee will become legal and there's going to be a lot of confusion among pot smokers (not the typical confusion we're accustomed to) as to where you can actually smoke. 

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Can we light up anywhere where smoking tobacco is allowed? 

The answer isn't always clear, but luckily we have the complete list of all the places where you can't smoke weed in Quebec

1. Any building or property used to provide health services.

2. Cegeps and university campuses and properties.

3. Private residences that offer daycare service. 

4. Bike paths.

5. Building where judicial activities take place. 

6. Cultural activity centers. 

7. Convention halls.

8. Community centers. 

9. Non-profit organisations.

10. Club houses. (Unless it's located in a private residence.) 

11. Residences with common areas.

12. Retirement homes. 

13. Assisted living facilities. 

14. Palliative care centers.

15. Temporary housing units.

16. Tourism centers.

17. Restaurants. 

18. Bars and taverns.

19. All workplaces. (Unless it's located in a private residence.) 

20. Pavilions. (Temporary or permanent.) 

21. Taxis.

22. Work vehicles. 

23. Outdoor pools.

24. Bus shelters.

25. Public tented installations. (Temporary or permanent.) 

26. Terrasses.

27. Public seating areas.

28. Public rest areas.

29. Public play areas.

30. Kiddie pools.

31. Skate parks.

32. Areas close to where kids play.

33. Baseball fields.

34. Soccer fields.

35. Football fields.

36. Tennis courts.

37. Basketball courts.

38. Volley Ball courts.

39. Outdoor skating rinks.

40. Christmas Markets.

41. Ride-sharing service vehicles. 

42. Public transportation vehicles.

43. Public transportation buildings properties. 

44. Parks where children play. 

45. Day camps.

46. Bingo halls.

47. While operating a vehicle. 

48. Within 9 meters of any public or private building entrance.

49. Within 9 meters of any public or private building window. 

50. Within 9 meters of any public or private building opening or vent. 


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