A young infant has tragically died last weekend for a reason too confusing to even describe.

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His father allegedly forgot to drop him off at daycare, resulting in the toddler being left alone in the back seat and subsequently passed away. A horrible thing to hear, I know.

We intuitively assume that parents and guardians should automatically be vigilant and careful especially of their kids well being. But the truth is, when it comes to daily routines we repeat over and over again every day, we are all flying on auto-pilot mode and perhaps an incident like this is the extreme product and ultimately - consequence, of that.

With that said, no charges have been laid on the father and he will be questioned by police this week.

In addition, the daycare the child was supposed to be dropped off at is immediately implementing measures to assure that this type of tragedy never produces itself again.

The daycare will make sure to reach out to any parents of children who have not been dropped off that day.

Sadly, this isn't the first time a child's body has been found dead in a car. About two years ago in 2016, a young boy was found dead in his dad's car in St-Jerome after his father forgot to drop him off at daycare as well. So sad.

It is important to note especially in the context of the coming heatwave that no children small child should ever be purposely left alone in a car, especially during the hot summer months.


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