The Public Security and Immigration Ministers of Quebec announced the province's Syrian refugee plan today during a special news conference, with the exact figures and amount of refugees to be brought into the province unveiled, reports CBC.

By the close of 2016, Quebec plans to receive 3,650 Syrian and Iraqi refugees, and will welcome an additional 3,650 in 2016.

In total, the province of Quebec will be resettling 7, 300 by 2017.

Quebec plans to spend $29 million in 2015 for the first phase of the province's refugee plan, with funds going towards "resettling and integrating the refugees" to quote CBC.

What the entire 2015-17 cost will be has yet to be revealed, though Quebec will be financially supported by Ottawa next year.

Montreal is set to be the city to welcome the largest amount of refugees in Quebec, with Denis Coderre stating he isn't worried about a population-overload. In Coderre's words ""We are used to that. We have a great Syrian and Iraqi community. We have great generous people."

On a nation-wide level, the federal government plans to resettle a total of 25, 000 Syrian refugees, as already promised. However, only 10, 000 will enter Canada by the end of the year, with the remaining 15, 000 to be settled by March 2016.

It's important to note that in Quebec's plan, the "most vulnerable" will be helped first, and there will be no standing mandate to exclude single male refugees, as is the case with the federal initiative.

No further screening of refugees will be carried out by Quebec, as the provincial government is reportedly "satisfied with federal screening measures to ensure security."

If you wish to help many of the incoming refugees in Montreal and all of Quebec, please read more here →

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