One of my favourite things to do is to explore Montreal. Whether I'm exploring it by myself or with a friend, I love visiting new restaurants, going to the spa, and of course, seeing an art/historical exhibition. 

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TL;DR You can attend museums for free in October! On the first Sunday of the month (October 7th), there will be 7 museums you can attend for free.

I especially love indoor activities when the weather is cold, damp, and just plain gross out! It's the perfect time to head to a museum and check out the latest exhibits. 

Sometimes though, it's not always affordable or maybe you don't have the extra wiggle room in your budget to attend these musuems. 

Well fret not, because there are some incredible exhibitions you can attend next month for FREE! 

The government of Quebec has set aside a generous budget of 5 million dollars over five years to allow for free-entry into several museums, not just in Montreal but across Quebec!  

If you're a resident of Quebec, you will have free access to several museums on the first Sunday of every month. 

That means that on the first Sunday, which will fall on October 7th, it will be free to attend these museums. 

If you live in Montreal, these will be the seven museums that you can attend for free next month:

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