As president Trump continues to target the Canadian economy and people, Canadians are preparing for an all-out trade war.

Anecdotally, I can say that many are taking the American threat very seriously. I know several people that have cancelled plans to travel to the U.S. and even more people that have decided to make a concerted effort to only consume Canadian products.

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Well, a new survey from Nanos, The Globe And Mail, and CTV News backs up these localized experiences. An American boycott has become a national trend.

3/4ths of Canadians, according to the poll, are expected to avoid travel to our southern neighbour. Moreover, 7/10 Canadians have considered refraining from American products on Canadian shelves.

The situation at the border isn't making travel to the United States any easier. A newly aggressive American border patrol agency can seize Canadians' phones without a warrant, stop foreigners at checkpoints within 160 kilometres of any border or seaboard, and has begun incursions into Canadian-claimed waters in the Gulf of Maine.

There's nothing like American aggression to truly bring Canadians together. Canada often defines itself proudly in opposition to its more conservative neighbour. The Nanos poll shows that over 7/10 Canadians are "concerned" or "somewhat concerned" by Trump's trade war. 

The national outcry is palpable in the United States. Over the weekend, the New York Times put out a call for Canadian input on tensions between the two countries

With a NATO summit, and another meeting between Trudeau and Trump, on the horizon, the situations promises only to escalate.



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