As you may have heard by now P.K. Subban has been traded to the predators for Shea Weber, and people are losing their damn minds.

Some fans are out of blood while others support the decision, but one things for sure is that everyone is shocked.

I was in my car listening to the radio when I heard about the trade and even though I'm not a die-hard hockey fan, I just had to pull over to find out more.

Where were you when you heard about P.K.?

Most people didn't see this coming which is why emotions are high. And when emotions run high, it makes for some hilariously awesome tweets.

So here are the funniest, saddest and overall best tweets about the P.K. Subban trade.

(Okay, so we didn't actually put 76 because we're not insane, and your time is too precious to read 76 tweets)

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