Guys, at this stage in the game, it's very safe to say that you all know how much I love discovering new, awesome places to go eat. Montreal's food scene is, IMHO, totally amazing - and although I'm pretty sure we all know that, it's always great when it gets acknowledged on a bigger platform.

Like on enRoute magazine, for example, which is hosting its own panel to figure out which newly opened restaurant is truly the best in the country, according to CTV.

There are awesome restaurants from all over Canada on the list contending to be #1... including not one, not two, but eight different Montreal restaurants. That's right, friends. Eight.

Which also just so happens to be the most amount of restaurants of any Canadian city on the list, btw.

The nominated restaurants for enRoute's Canada's Best New Restaurant competition include:


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Hoogan And Beaufort


Le Mousso

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Le Fantome

Montreal Plaza


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As I'm sure we're all pretty aware, these are some incredibly awesome Montreal spots. While it might be difficult to choose just one, if you do have one in mind that you think deserves the title, make sure to hop on to to show vote for your fave in their People's Choice competition.

And although the Montreal selection is great, they're among great company, with tons of other fantastic Canadian restaurants also in the running. To see the full list, click here.


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