To combat the gender pay gap that is very real in Canada, one bar owner in London, Ontario decided to get a little creative by offering a special Monday night discount to female patrons. 

Dubbed “Mind the Gap,” the discount applies to all food purchases made by women at The Morrissey House. A portion of Monday night sales even go towards local charities, like the London Abused Women’s’ Centre. 

But, as with all good things, a man had to come along and ruin it all. 

The “Mind the Gap” promotion was announced on January 6th, and only a few hours later, the owner of the Morrissey House, Mark Serre, received a complaint by email. 

A London man decided that The Morrissey Houses’s Monday discount for women is “discriminatory,” reports CBC

“If you can believe it, we have a complaint about our Monday discount. He will be lodging his complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Commission” Serre said in a Facebook post

Elaborating a bit, Serre said the disgruntled man said he would file a gender-discrimination complaint with the OHRC if the “Mind the Gap” promotion wasn’t swiftly ended.

Shortly thereafter, the bar got an angry call from a disgruntled male about the promotion. 

“I knew there would be people who would not understand and hate it, but that is OK, there are a lot of restaurants in London!” Serre said to Global News

Previous cases brought to the OHRC complaining of discrimination towards men have been dismissed and several legal experts believe the same will happen with this complaint. 

"This is a context where the Morrissey House is actually trying to draw attention to a current problem which is a wage gap and the lack of wage parity between men and women,” said Susan Toth to WNEM, a lawyer specializing in human rights cases. 

“So, to make that sort of discount is not actually creating a prejudice, it's actually addressing a prejudice," said Toth.

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