Montreal's NDG-Westmount riding has a brand new candidate, and he has 4 legs, a tail and a whole lot of fur. His name is Humbert and he's a four-year-old tiger tabby cat.

Humbert is already well known in the NDG area and now he's throwing his name into the political pool along with with NDP candidate James Hughes, Conservative candidate Richard Sagala and Liberal MP Marc Garneau, who took to Twitter to say:

And for anyone that's questioning his qualifications, Humbert's already had experience serving his borough. Along with his owner John Jordan he helped fight a graffiti problem in their neighbourhood's alleyways with cat-inspired art. In his off time he can be found at Iris Florist, in Jordan's Alley Cat Gallery, or chilling on top of cases of beer at his local dep.

Photo Cred - John Jordan

Signs for Humbert's campaign have been popping up around NDG-Westmount with slogans like "Let's keep the box clean," "The time is now," and "An honest face." Jordan plans to put up more over the next week, so keep an eye out for Montreal's next top paw-litician.


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