Clusterfuck is the newest and sexiest game you will be playing with your friends. A lot like it sounds, the game, from the creators of Cards Against Humanity, is all about getting in the sack with your pals.

Played in 2 phases, the game is all about 'scoring' at a sex party. In the first phase players take turns passing around cards to each other, with raunchy pick up lines written on them, like "This guy isn't into threesomes, let's fuck each other!" When a player screams "My body is ready!" phase two begins, where players point to who they want to bang, with everyone's eyes closed. If you open your eyes to find you and another player pointing at each other, you 'score' a point. The first player to get three points, or attain a threesome (with three people pointing at each other) wins the game. Will you be a Casanova or the loner who has to watch?

I'm looking forward to the many real hook-ups this super sexy game will inspire.

For a full rundown, check out the trailer below.

Much like the original Cards Against Humanity, you can download Clusterfuck for free at the official website.

Pumped for Clusterfuck? Will it be better than Cards Against Humanity? Get excited in the comments below.

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