In the last couple months Canada has been pleasantly surprised by some pretty incredible meteor showers and celestial occurances.

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TL;DR The autumn equinox will welcome a harvest moon that will be visible across North America on the night of September 24. The moon will apear inflated with a reddish-orange tint. After the celestial event is over it will look like several moons are inhabiting the night skies in the days that follow.

Some of these events are super rare to see, making the anticipation even stronger when we hear that showers such as the Orionids will soar through our skies in late October.

Until then, Canadians may start to grow impatient while they wait for a natural gem to hit our skies again. Luckily, there's one coming sooner than you might think.

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Canada will be able to witness an unbelievable harvest moon next week during the 2018 autumn equinox. 

What's so unique about a harvest moon is that it begins to rise at right about the same time as sunset, not only that but the moon will also have a unique reddish-orange tint to it. This is the perfect even to get you into that Halloween spirit.

Although scientifically there's no actual change in the distance between the moon and earth, it totally looks as if a harvest moon is a lot bigger than usual. If you're able to spot it right after sunset when it's near the horizon you will definitely have the opportunity to take the best photos imagineable, as the moon will look massive.

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The harvest moon will be visible across North America on the night of September 24th in Canada and 25th for most other countries around the world. 

As if it couldn't get any more exciting, after the one-night event is over you'll be able to see an illusion in the sky that makes it look like there are several moons scattered around. Needless to say, next week is the ultimate photo opportunity of the season.

Who else is ready for the giant "jack-o-lantern" moon to take over our skies next week?!

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