great white shark has been spotted hanging around the Gulf of St Lawrence, a few kilometres off the coast of les  Îles de la Madeleine or the Magdalen Islands in Quebec.

Duh nuh......duh nuh... duh nuh duh nuh duh nuh...

Yes, that was the Jaws theme song.

This is the first time a great white has been spotted so close to Quebec! It's all kind of exciting. 

Brunswick, yes his name is Brunswick, has been tracked with a satellite chip by the non-profit organization Ocearch since February.  

"Brunswick is laying down some brand new tracks in an area we’ve never tracked a white shark to before."

This hefty guy weighs in at 431 pounds and measures 8' and 9".  Look at the size of him! It has to be amazing to be so close to this predator. 

Brunswick was given his moniker after the Georgia town he was first spotted by. Since then he's been shaking his tail and moving along the Atlantic coast. Just last month he was over visiting Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick. 


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Ocearch tracks marine life and large predators to study their movements and feeding habits. You can actually track Brunswick's ocean odyssey, too, just check out the tracking app. It does tend to glitch, so you may have to be patient.

Brunswick also prides himself on speaking both official languages: English and French!

"I think I'm the only bilingual shark on Twitter. Am I wrong?"

These amazing hunters are nearly on the cusp of being labelled endangered due to overfishing. Great whites are at the top of their marine food chain with only Orcas posing a possible threat. 

If you want to check out more pics and videos of Brunswick and other tagged sharks on Ocearch's Instagram, click here.

Like any star, Brunswick does have his own Instagram site here, but there aren't too many regular updates. 

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