The weather is warming up and snow is officially gone! This means that BIXI Montreal is slowly rolling out bike stands all over the city. You may have already seen some happy folks cruising around the streets this week.

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That said, every year Bixi and it's partner Manuvie are offering a super promotion on these select weekends to encourage Montrealers to use and/or test our the Bixi service. 

On the following Sundays, anyone can just walk up to a Bixi stand and rent a bike for 0$.  That's right, you can take a 1-way trip for totally free. All you need is a credit card and the Bixi App downloaded on your mobile device.

  • 27 May 
  • 24 June 
  • 29 July 
  • 26 August 
  • 30 Septembre
  • 28 October 

Bixi has all kinds of great new promotions and specials this year that are worth looking into if you're a regular customer of the service, or if you're curious about it. 

Also, if you're not so committed to the idea of a year-long subscription, Bixi is offering some more flexible membership packages including a 90-day membership for $57 and a 30-day membership for only $32. This can also be perfect for those who are staying in the city for a short-term stay this summer.


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