According to a report by CBC on annual food prices, trips to the grocery store starting in 2019 might result in a higher bill than Canadians anticipate.

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TL;DR According Canada's Food Price Report conducted by university researchers, several essential grocery items are anticipated to increase between 2-3% in 2019, including baked products, dairy, fruits, and most notably vegetable which are expected to get hit with a increase in price of up to 7%.

According to the forecast several essential grocery items are expected to be affected by the increase:

  • Bakery goods up 3%
  • Dairy up 2%
  • Fruit up 3%
  • Vegetables up 6% 
  • Restaurants up 4%

As you can see, it's not only food in the grocery stores that will increase in price, but also restaurant food. And sadly, vegetable got hit the hardest.

Why you ask? Well, apparently the big trend impacting food prices is a apparent cultural shift shift toward a flexitarian and vegetarian diet, which has ultimately increased the demand for more veggies and plants.

As a result, the prices of vegetables is predicted to increase, while the price of meat is actually predicted to decrease slightly by 3%, and also seafood by 2%.

While 2-3% increase might not even be perceptible to the average consumer in Canada, these small increases do hit hard for low-income Canadians who are less likely to be able to afford the food products for a healthy lifestyle and diet.

Vegetable have become so expensive, that some working-class Canadians even consider them a luxury grocery item. 

One thing is for sure, that $16 gourmet salad that you treat yourself to sometimes, is about to get even more expensive.




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