As you may have heard by now, Jennifer Lawrence spent pretty much the entire summer here in Montreal filming for the Untitled Darren Aronovsky movie.

And the first story that came out after that was about the fact she was getting evicted from her Montreal Condo.

But in the end, she was allowed to stay and everything worked out.

Then we got curious.

How cool does an apartment have to be to charm the likes of Jennifer Lawrence?

We simply had to take a look inside.

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So I contacted an old childhood friend who happened to be related to the owners of the apartment and we confirmed that the Hollywood star was in fact staying in apartment 3C.

Now all we had to do is scan some real estate website until we found it.

And here it is, the infamous apartment 3C in all it's glory.

Check out the Century 21 listing right here if you're crazy or rich enough to buy it.

Think about it, you could be pooping on the same toilet Jennifer Lawrence used.

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