I guess this makes it official. Subban is truly leaving Montreal for good.

And even though he'll be coming back to visit us once in awhile, it's just not enough reason for him to keep his million dollar condo in Montreal.

The condo has been put up for sale on Sotheby's website so you could actually buy this place. As long as you have a spare $1,395,000 lying around the house. (Check under the couch cushion, I'll wait)

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Think about it though, it would totally be worth it. You're watching the game at your friend's house and he's like:

"I just got this limited edition, autographed, vintage jersey"

and you're like: 

"I live in PK Suban's apartment."

The condo is located at 1227 Sherbrooke Street West. It has 3 bedrooms, marble bathrooms, Subban's fur coats and fedoras hanging in the closet (though they might not be included) and a parking spot.

Click here for to see the Sothebys listing.

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