It's been said before and it'll be said again: this heat wave is never ending. Getting to its worst over the weekend at a high of 45 degrees, Montreal and the rest of Eastern Canada has not had it easy the last week. As if things couldn't get any worse, 10 deaths have been confirmed in Quebec alone due to this dangerous weather.

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Authorities are insisting everyone to stay close to air conditioning and out of the heat. There are many places around the city that can be considered safe-points for those suffering from or at risk to heat-related issues. Hospitals being the most trusted for those seeking refuge from the sun, right?

Well, not necessarily. A Montreal hospital is actually telling patients to either purchase or bring fans and air conditioners from home since they will not directly offer the necessity.

Verdun General Hospital has confirmed there is no air conditioning in patient rooms, a nurse even recommending visitors to bring a fan for their loved ones room.   Patients have also complained that apart from the emergency room, even hallways and other corridors of the hospital offer no refuge from the waves of heat that seems to be inescapable.

Patients and visitors alike can be seen throughout the hospital's hallways dripping in sweat and using damp clothes to wipe their faces. The hospital is offering buckets of ice, but is that really a solution when 40 degree weather hits?

For those in the hospital that have limited accessibility and extreme health issues, it's essentially impossible for them to leave their rooms in search of air conditioning. Unless a family member decides to bring them a personal fan, they are left stuck in the same temperatures that could cause life-threatening situations.

The hospital is set to make improvements, although as of now they are still in the planning phase. Hopefully the addition of air conditioners in patient rooms is made priority. The heat is here to stay until at least Thursday, so stay hydrated and stay safe out there!



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