Since last weekend, the temperature in Montreal has not been the friendliest. Let's just say, it's been unbearably cold on most days. It's the kind of bitter cold that makes it literally painful to breath through your nose. Ultimately, this type of frigid weather makes you wonder why the hell we live in a country where the air hurts our face.

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TL;DR Experts say a polar vortex which just split into three will trigger extreme bitter cold temperatures, not only this coming weekend, but for several weeks. It may even last until early February.

That said, earlier this week, we sadly learnt that temperatures will remain at an extreme low this coming weekend as the bitter cold continues to hover over the city. 

Which leads me to the question all Montrealers and Quebec residents are asking themselves: when will we get some respite!?

I'm sorry to break it to you, but unless you have plans to escape to a tropical location in the next few weeks, it looks like frigid cold is all we're getting for an unusually long period of time.

Cold snaps normally last for only a handful of days, but according to a recent report by Global News, a "polar vortex" will trigger a long cold spell for most of eastern Canada.

A “polar vortex” is a fast-moving flow of air that usually sits over the Arctic. It will sometimes travels south and bring the cold air along with it. This week, as the vortex splits into three, cold will spread throughout the country.

Here is a rendering of a polar vortex splitting into three.

Experts say the polar vortex will trigger extreme bitter cold temperatures, not only this coming weekend, but for several weeks. It may even linger until early February!

This weekend will be particularly painful, as the thermometer is expected to dip as low as -35 celsius in some parts of Quebec.

I know it's painful to read this, but know we are not alone, Quebec. As you can see from this weather map, many parts of eastern Canada will be feeling the effects of the polar vortex split. Parts of the United States will also be affected.

All we can do is bundle up and hope that the meterologists got it all wrong and this will all be over sooner rather than later.  

The good news is that you can always vent your frustrations on the internet and commiserate with other Canadians; it looks like #polarvortex is already a thing. 

More weather news to come...



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