Representatives of the Parti Quebecois have made some shocking statements recently, likely in their ongoing effort to remain relevant, get a ahead in the polls, and maybe just stir up some controversy,

Bernard Drainville, the PQ's head on the Charter of Values, tried to take Liberal leader Philippe Couillard down by saying he is explicitly for niqabs, burkas, and religious head coverings. Is that even a bad thing?

Drainville even went on to say that the PQ's vision for the CoV would ban university students from wearing religious head coverings at school, because education to the PQ is a "government service."

When asked whether a woman wearing a niqab could call the police for help, Drainville went as far to say that "she will have to uncover herself."

Drainville then relented that if the woman was totally unconscious, then she would get assistance. Have to love that logic.

The latest polling by Leger put the Liberals in a big lead against the PQ, so these pot-stirring statements may just be a ploy to win back voters by reminding them of the Charter of Values while making Couillard look bad.

Are universities a government service?

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