• A construction site faced a frightening sight late last night in Quebec.
  • An overpass collapsed when construction workers began pouring concrete.
  • Three people sustained injuries, though minor, and one person was sent to hospital.

While the construction holiday is over, here in Montreal, construction really is a neverending reality, particularly in cities that have been around as long as Montreal or Québec.

And, of course, making fun of the reality of neverending construction may be a Quebeckers right, but that doesn't mean the job isn't intensely demanding and downright dangerous at times.

Sure, we're used to driving past a construction site and seeing one guy doing a job and three guys standing around him smoking cigarettes and pointing halfheartedly as if they know their advice or instructions won't be heard or heeded.

But again, that doesn't mean that the men and women who work on construction sites don't deserve a shout out now and again for doing their job out in the blazing sun or freezing cold.

Plus, they have to deal with things like this: a crew in Quebec was pouring concrete late last night when the entire structure they were working on collapsed and fell in on them, leaving three people injured.

Luckily the injuries sustained during the incident were minor and only one individual was actually sent to the hospital with paramedics as a cautionary measure.

The tweet above reads:

#INTERVENTION | Collapse of structure | Chantier Henri IV, viaduct over Einstein street | Collapse during the pouring of a concrete structure | 3 minor injuries | Einstein Street closed under the viaduct for an indefinite period | No impact on traffic on Henri IV

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The CBC was on the scene and were the ones to indicate that two of the workers were sent home and one was taken to hospital as a "preventative measure."

The work was being done on an overpass of the Henry IV Highway that crosses over Einstein Street and luckily no one was below the overpass when it began to collapse.

The CBC also notes that special teams were sent in to ensure that there was no one trapped below the debris.

There's no details yet on what exactly when wrong while the work was being done, only that concrete was being poured before the collapse occurred. 

Rue Einstein will remain closed indefinitely, likely to deal with clean up and perhaps any ongoing investigations being put on by police or the workplace health and safety board.

Currently, traffic on Henry IV is not impacted, as the tweet above indicates. 

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