Yes, you read that correctly. A man in Estrie shot his neighbour's dog last summer when he saw the dog taking a shit on his lawn.

A judge has finally made a decision on the case and it looks like the man will only be fined $3000 for the crime.

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TL;DR A man has finally received punishment for shooting his neighbour's dog. Though many feel the $3000 fine doesn't quite match the crime.

Despite acknowledging the danger of opening fire in a neighbourhood, the judge has only laid down a fine of $3000 as punishment.

The owner of the dog felt the man should have done jail time, but the judge felt the $3000 was sufficient for punitive and restorative measures.

The tweet above reads, "It's high time for a much more severe punishment to be applied."

The incident occurred when the dog owner, Jessica Lambert, was hosting a party for her family last August 14th.

Her dog went onto her neighbour's land at around 9:30.

The man who shot the dog, Serge Aubé, explained that he aimed for the dog from his bedroom window using a rifle.

Aubé does not have a prior criminal record and avoided making comments after the court proceedings.

The tweet above reads, "I would love to have him as a neighbour... sigh!!!"

Lambert understandably went through post-traumatic shock after losing her dog of eight years, which is likely why she had hoped for a more significant sentence.

After the court laid down its ruling, Lambert expressed, "I'm disappointed because I would have liked him to spend time in prison."

People have since taken to Twitter to express what a terrible and senseless crime this was.

I personally agree with Lambert, in addition to the complete horror of the crime, the danger of opening fire in a family neighbourhood makes this whole situation even more ridiculous.


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