For us Canadians, the month of March marks a huge transition. 

We officially enter Spring, and with it comes a major shift in our skies. With the equinox comes some visual displays that are out of this world. 

In fact, this month from Montreal we will be able to see a few planets parade across the sky as we embrace the sun and warmer seasons.

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Here are all the astrological sights you can catch here in Montreal this March:

March 7 - Jupiter and the Moon will dance across the southern sky. The moon and Jupiter both rise soon after midnight (local time), but on March 7 they will be closer than usual, and visible. If you can get up about an hour before sunrise, that is. Facing south, you will be able to see the moon and a bright star-like pairing that is, in fact, Jupiter - the largest planet in our solar system. 

Zodiacal Light - Defined as a faint elongated cone of light in the night sky, its one of the more bizarre occurrences we can see. This will be visible directly after sunset for about an hour, every night for the next two weeks. Don't mistake it as city lights off in the distance like most do. This light you can see is actually the reflection of dust-size particles left behind in the billions after the forming of our galaxy's planets - over 4 billion years ago.

March  15 - The elusive Mercury will be visible, but you may need binoculars. Mercury will reach its furthest point from the sun this evening and will be visible shortly after sunset. 

Vernal Equinox - March 20th, 12:15 PM EDT. Honourable mention as we are all looking forward to this, the first day of spring! 

March 22 - the waxing crescent moon will pass by distant orange star 66-light-years old. The star is named Aldebaran, the eye of Taurus. 

March 31 - The Blue Moon. Our second full moon of the month, which simply means that we have two in a month. We had a Blue Moon in January as well. If you missed the Blue Moon at the top of the year, don't miss this one - it is the last of 2018. 

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