Just hours after we reported an emergency lockdown at Quebec High School in Quebec City, the Journal de Quebec is now reporting another school has gone into lockdown.

The school in question is Heritage Regional High School in Longueuil, just south of Montreal.

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TL;DR While there are little details, it is clear that Heritage Regional High School in Longueuil is currently under lockdown as police assess the school for danger. Details on what caused the lockdown are unknown.

Via Heritage Regional High School

Details about the lockdown are currently unknown, however, the high school's website assures us that police are "verifying" the situation around the school.

While we knew that the threats made regarding Quebec High School happened online, we currently have no insight into the nature of the situation currently unfolding in Longueuil.

Riverside School Board tweeted above assuring people that the students and staff are safe and that there is no danger, however as a precautionary measure the school is under lockdown.

This can sometimes occur if police are aware of a known criminal in the area that they worry will enter the school. 

We weren't the only ones to consider the simultaneous threats are more than a little suspicious if not just a bizarre coincidence.

The tweet above reads: At the same time as Quebec High School.

The school was seemingly under threat just last year when a suspicious packaged was found inside the school that was thought to be explosive.

We will update you will more details as they come to light.

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