Last week, a video showing STM officers choke a man at Guy-Concordia Metro station went viral.

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The man, who entered the platform using his girlfriend's pass, was knocked to the floor by an STM officer and one kiosk attendant. In a chokehold and with one officer kneeling on his back, the man can be heard exclaiming that he "can't breath" as he flails his legs in understandable terror.

Social media erupted in criticism for the brutal tactics of the STM officers while some attempted to justify their actions.

But a new video posted to Facebook by user Greg Ory sheds new light on exactly what happened.

In the new footage, the man on the floor can be heard desperately explaining that "I had my ticket! I had my ticket!"

In the following minutes, at least 4 additional officers arrive at the scene to help subdue the single man.

Bystanders take videos, confront and implore the officers to be more gentle. One person can be heard telling the officers that they had called 911. 

The man's girlfriend also confronts the officers about their tactics, though they prevent her from accessing her boyfriend on the ground.

The man, furious and with his face still on the floor after several minutes, begs the officers to allow him to rise. 

The video ends with the man still on the ground.

The STM has yet to comment on the incident and there's no word yet whether any officers will face sanction.

Watch the video below:



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