So, true story time. When I was 16, I watched someone super close to me lose their battle with cancer. 

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Legit, it's the most scarring thing that's ever happened in my whole life. She was diagnosed with cancer at 10, and didn't make it to see the age of 12. Not fun stuff.

Which is exactly why I was so moved by one Montrealer's story.

Jeremie Piano is a 22 year old man from St-Eustache. He has been fighting Ewing's sarcoma for the past four years, after a random pain in his knee forced him to seek medical attention. 

From there, at the age of 18, he learned he had the rare and aggressive form of bone cancer.

After four years and five (!) different rounds of chemotherapy, Jeremie's options are now a little bit limited. He's currently in the last 2 monts of the final treatment in Quebec that could possibly help out. 

Which is why he's decided to switch gears. According to Jeremie, there are other, specialized treatments available in Germany that have had huge success rates.

The only problem? Obviously, treatments in Germany are a bit expensive.

So Jeremie's started a GoFundMe campaign in an attempt to raise enough funds to get himself to Germany, and get himself better.

As of right now, he has about $8,000 raised of his $200k goal. Jeremie's persistence and optimism is super inspiring, and I for one really, truly hope that this ends up working out. 

To read more of Jeremie's story, check out his GoFundMe page right here.

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