When a full moon occurs at the time the moon is closest to the eart it is dubbed a "supermoon." The nickname comes from the fact that supermoons tend to be bigger and brighter than usual full moons.

Tomorrow, this "supermoon" will be visible all across Canada. I entered some of the main Canadian cities here to see when and where the next supermoon will be available. Read on for a full list of the cities I've found.

TL;DR A supermoon will be visible all across Canada tomorrow night. A list of the major cities which will have a view of this supermoon can be found below.

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A "supermoon" is not an astronomically recognised term, and it was in fact coined in 1979 by astrologer Richard Nolle. 

Because of this informality, different sources will use different criterias to define a super moon. The source we used defines it as "A Full or New Moon that occurs when the center of the Moon is less than 360,000 kilometers (ca. 223,694 miles) from the center of Earth."

The supermoon will be visible in the following cities:

  1. Montreal
  2. Vancouver
  3. Victoria
  4. Calgary
  5. Regina
  6. Toronto
  7. Iqaluit
  8. Charlottetown
  9. Fredericton
  10. St-John's
  11. Yellowknife
  12. Winnipeg
  13. Whitehorse
  14. Edmonton

This list is not exhaustive. If your city is not on the list, you can check here to see if you will be able to see the moon.

The "supermoon" is most impressive at moonrise, or just before moonset. At this time, it will appear at its biggest and brightest. 


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