Last year A&W became the first major fast-food restaurant chain in Canada to introduce a Beyond Meat burger. The burger became iconic for "bleeding" just like real meat while still maintaining its vegan status. Needless to say, the burger has been a massive hit, prompting A&W Canada to introduce their next big vegan meal option: the Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich.

Imagine a traditional sausage and egg breakfast sandwich topped with a slice of cheddar cheese. It's the classic breakfast meal with a vegan twist! The new sandwich was released this morning, with thousands of Canadians rushing to their nearest A&W for a chance to try the new meatless product. So far, its been a massive hit.

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TL;DR A&W Canada officially launched their new Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich this morning. The sandwich has proven to be such an amazing addition that Canadians are heading to Twitter to express their excitement. Read some of the top tweets below.

In fact, the new Beyond Meat sandwich has become so popular in the last few hours, that Canadians have rushed to Twitter just to talk about it. If you couldn't tell already, people are already freaking out.

The hype over the new sandwich officially began earlier this month:

The excitement only became more widespread this morning upon the official launch of the A&W breakfast sandwich.

Some Beyond Meat fans have even proposed adding more vegan options to the new meal:

Luckily, there is an option for the breakfast sandwich that does accommodate vegans.

The new breakfast sandwich is the perfect addition to the expanding Beyond Meat A&W menu. Who knows, maybe even more meat-free meal options will be introduced in the future!

For more information on the Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich, click HERE.

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