Canadian Twitter is steaming mad after a tweet from a Calgary woman reveals that Air Canada employees asked her to breastfeed inside an airplane bathroom. She also says that Air Canada customer service kept referring her to their medical helpline instead of their complaints department. 

People are calling out Air Canada, citing that this could potentially be a human rights violation according to Canadian law. Apparently, this isn't the first time customers have been told off by Air Canada employees for breastfeeding during a flight. 

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TL;DR  Twitter is absolutely pissed after Air Canada employees asked a Calgary woman to breastfeed in the bathroom during a flight. Some are even calling for her to file a human rights claim against the airline. 

Her tweet has been shared over 1,000 times this morning, unleashing a firestorm of vitriol directed at the airline. 

Air Canada's P.R. department has reached out to the woman on Twitter in an effort to damage control but to no avail. According to responses, this isn't the first time Air Canada employees have asked a woman to hide her breastfeeding. Other airlines don't have a problem with this. 

Many praised the original poster for calling out the company.

Some claimed that the fact that this is still happening in 2019 is a testament to how poorly trained some airline employees still are.

If employees across industries and economic sectors were better trained to handle these situations, it stands to reason that this wouldn't happen as often as it does in our society. 

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