If you take flights often, you've probably been there before: you've raced to the terminal to make sure you get on your flight before it leaves, you pass security and customs and finally make it to the gate. It's there you're told you're going to have to wait for the next flight. All that effort has left you stuck in the airport for hours until another flight arrives.

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TL;DR Past employees of Air Canada have revealed that the airline has been overselling flights in order to make extra revenue. Tickets that direct to the gate only, without a designated seat, are often the oversold tickets. Needless to say, Twitter is outraged. Read all of the Tweets below.

If it's any consolation, you're definitely not alone. At least 510,000 Air Canada customers are sold plane tickets for overbooked flights per year, according to CBC News. Despite this, the popular airline has continued these practices and even train their employees to mislead customers.

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Why? Well, it turns out that Air Canada is making a ton of money off of the extra tickets sold.

Apparently overselling a flight can happen no matter what your destination is. If your ticket doesn't have a specific seat on the flight, it's basically code that you won't be getting on. This has lead to thousands of people missing family vacations, weddings, holidays, and even serious events such as a surgery.

Because of this, Twitter is definitely outraged.

Customers are not happy.

Other people shared stories of being bumped from a flight.

Luckily, there is a way to tell whether or not the ticket you've received for your flight is genuine:


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