If you're planning on doing any travelling between now and December 19, I have some great news. 

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If you book your flight within the next two days you be able to take advantage of Air Canada's Surprise Seat Sale. 

Right now Air Canada is offering you the chance to save money on flights within Canada as well as to several popular destinations in the United States and "sun destinations". 

And if you don't feel like flying to the U.S. right now because you don't want to have to cross any borders, fear not! We have a list of the Canadian equivalent of popular U.S. vacation destinations, so you can find exactly what you're looking for. 

Via aircanada

There are deals for almost every city in Canada so you have a great excuse to travel the country. You can eat a Nanaimo bar in in Nanaimo, or you could go to Medicine Hat to buy a hat... or medicine. (Yes, there's a place in Canada called Medicine Hat. Look it up!) 

But, if vacationing in Canada seems less than glamorous to you, then you also have your choice of several sun destinations depending on where you're booking from.

Click here to find Air Canada Seat Sale deals in your area.

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