Though I'm sure we've all dreamed of getting an adorable puppy or kitten delivered in the mail, we'd never actually think that this is a good idea. One Alberta woman, however, tried to mail live animals anyways.

According to Global News, police arrested an Alberta woman when they found out she was trying to mail puppies and kittens. The 53 year old Albertan, named Jill Marshall, has since been charged.

Marshall was charged under the Animal Protection Act for causing an animal to be in distress. According to Vulcan County Enforcement Services (VCES), she tried to mail dogs and a cat last month.

Allegedly, the woman attempted to do this twice. According to Global News, Vulcan County Enforcement Services are charging the woman with two counts of causing an animal to be in distress.

The first incident took place on May 7. Marshall was caught trying to mail a puppy and a kitten. She allegedly placed them in a small cardboard box and left them at the Canada Post office in Milo, Alberta.

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The woman tried her luck again just days later, on May 17. This time, she allegedly tried to mail one puppy.

Because the investigation is ongoing, and there is a case being built against Marshall, few other details are currently available

We do know that, though the woman has no prior animal-related convictions, this is not the first time that authorities deal with her on animal-related matters.

People online are understandably reacting strongly to the story:

The story even received strong condemnation from Chatham-Kent Police, a municipality in Ontario.

Jill Marshall is set to appear in court on July 30. In Alberta, a person causing an animal to be in distress is "liable to a fine of not more than $20 000." The offence may also carry some jail time.

For more information, consult the original Global News article.

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