Who here has attempted to grab some legit Italian food for lunch in the downtown Montreal area, but failed spectacularly?

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There's no shame in admitting that you have, friend, because I've searched for legit Italian in the downtown core way too many times to count - and have never really found anything I've fallen in love with.

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Don't get me wrong, there are some super cool places to nosh on some Italian food. But not that many places have actually ever stuck out to me.

Which is exactly why I'm legit in love with the concept behind Parma Cafe (1202 Rue Bishop).

Situated right downtown, Parma Cafe is dedicated to offering up authentic Italian fare - like cutlet sandwiches, sausage panini, pizza, meatballs, and more - at super fair prices.

Sidenote: my nonna's cotoletta sandwiches are my whole life, so I'm pretty sure you know exactly where I'll be going for lunch (and dinner, too, let's be honest) from now on.

Parma will also be home to a whole bunch of awesome Italian desserts, and a coffee bar, too. Cappuccino and cannoli, right in the heart of downtown, anyone? Yassss.

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To top it off, this eatery will also feature a grocery store market, with imported and homemade items (like truffle oil, pasta, sauces, and more).

Parma Cafe opens up on November 7, and will be making all your Italian food dreams come true.

If Parma sounds like your brand new favourite restaurant, then check them out on Facebook for more information.

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