There are many ways to satisfy your sweet tooth.  Some people prefer ice cream, others chocolate, and some people's idea of heaven is a decadent layered cake.

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A Quebec-based dessert restaurant called Gaufres & Glaces is about to make it MUCH easier for you to quench your sugar cravings. Specializing in baking-up and serving hot bubble waffle as a blank slate for a buffet of ice cream and insane toppings.

Resting on a warm bed of fluffy waffle dough, you can then select your choice of 9 ice cream flavors, ranging from blue raspberry to butter pecan. Alternative options are available if ice cream isn't your thing. 

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The last step: choose from a variety of toppings and dips galore. Which includes 21 Belgian chocolate dips options to coat your smother your soft-serve ice cream with. Spoiler alert: Fruity Pebbles and other yummy breakfast cereals to top your creation.

Their Montreal location will be opening up on Mont-Royal in May. Just in time for Summer! 

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