A few months back, we took a look at the long term winter predictions from the Old Farmers Almanac and the Weather Network. According to both of them, winter was going to be colder, longer, and snowier than ever

And so far they're predictions are dead-on, so we decided to take a look at what they are saying about the second half of the season. 

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Here's all the crazy weather Montreal can expect according to The Weather Network:

First off we're getting a little break from the insanely cold temperatures. The next few weeks will be mostly sunny with very little precipitation, and the temperature will never drop below -10°C.

Via theweathernetwork

After that, the cold front will be making a comeback and will likely stick around until March. Starting the second week of February we can expect a pattern change that will bring colder than normal temperatures for most of Canada.

Via theweathernetwork

And here's what the Old Farmer's Almanac has to say from now until the end of February. 

  • January 22-26 - Snow showers, cold

  • January 27-31 - Rain to snow, then sunny, cold

  • February 1-7 - Snow, then flurries, very cold

  • February 8-12 - Snow, then flurries, very cold

  • February 13-16 - Rain and snow showers, mild

  • February 17-22 - Sunny, very cold

  • February 23-28 - Snowstorm, then rain and snow showers, mild

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