April is finally coming to an end and I'm sure most of us are pretty happy about that fact considering how crappy the weather has been. 

Think about it, we only had 2 warm and sunny days in April. The snow just wouldn't go away! And whenever it did, it was quickly replaced by rain. As for the rest of the month, it's going to be cool and gloomy and of course, rainy. 

Now let's look at all the crazy weather we can expect in May. 

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Although it will be getting slightly warmer, don't celebrate just yet. There is rain in the forecast almost every day between now and May 5th. And according to the Old Farmer's Almanac, there is nothing good on the horizon.

Temperatures are supposed to be below average and precipitation is expected to be well above average. 

  • May 1-5 :  Showers, warm
  • May 6-16 : A few showers, cool. 
  • May17-21 : Sunny, cool 
  • May 22-28 : Thunderstorms , then sunny, cool
  • May 29-31: Showers, warm. 

The Weather Network's predictions on the other hand aren't so morbid. 

Via The Weather Network

Not only are we going to be enjoying a sunny 24°C day next week, but after May 5th things are looking pretty good! Of course it won't be the warmest month of May on record, but at this point as long as it's not raining or snowing I consider that a victory. 

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