Coachella 2018, weekend 1 is a wrap... and my goodness was it ever something.

Did you catch the live streams? It was an intense weekend with a ton of major highlights. Beyonce's set was insane! Destiny's Child will always win my attention. 

The talk of the day right now, though, is festival fashion!

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Coachella is the (unofficial) launch of festival season worldwide. The fashion is hip, trendy and a little out-there... but it will give you lots of inspiration of the hottest ideas to sport at Osheaga this coming August!

Here are some of the hottest Coachella 2018 looks I've seen so far:

Classic Coachella attire. You can complete these looks easily at Forever 21 or H&M for this summer.

@gigibeauty17embedded via  

@venturasputaembedded via  

Sheer mesh and/or leather and lace looks - always a classic look and always on point. Lace is still very much a hot item for festival season and looks flawless, especially when paired with a simple denim cut.

Painted denim and bright neon colours are everywhere this year. 

Legs, legs, legs for days. If you got em, show em off. Long, sheer and flowing. A good way to stay cool while looking sexy and not just rocking a 2-piece swimsuit. 

Cultural appropriation is NOT the name of the festival game any longer. Osheaga has banned headdresses and appropriating attire - for good reason.

This woman above figured out a solid outfit and she still looks like a total music festival goddess without taking it too far. 

@missgramdollsembedded via  

@capsula_fashion_styleembedded via  

Denim and fringe, a festival classic for the fun, loving hippie gal.


More mesh dress and a neutral bikini. Simple. Beautiful. Done in a different type of way from the normal lace trend and equally sexy, if not more.


Bejeweled and angelic. Stones and accessories can make any festival outfit sparkle. Even if the jewels or reflective metals are the only things you're wearing.


Now for some of the boys. Short denim cut-offs, over-sized baseball tees and crop tops (still!) are the names of the game when it comes to men's festival fashion.

Shredded jeans for the win. Festival, or not - it's a summer staple.

@preciousdxlanembedded via  

@_officiallyjordan_embedded via  

Acid-wash tye-dye shirts and colourful bandanas. Nothing new.


Burning man style outfits are always a fun addition to any music festival and will set you apart from the crowd - if you're brave enough to rock em... and you should be! 

You only live once. 


Celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Rihanna opted for a classically chic neutral tone ensemble. 

Rihanna will win the fashion game, all the time. Chic, sheer, sexy and neutral!

@badgalririembedded via  

These were just some of the stunning, sexy looks I've seen around the internet from Coachella this year.

There's probably some more out there, so start digging through social media and adding to your Pinterest as our festival season is coming up real soon!

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