It's been a while since the Quebec language police have harassed business owners for daring to use English words in their establishments, which is a pretty nice relief. 

And oddly enough, yesterday the OQLF released a list of anglicism they now deem to be acceptable.

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This can't possibly be happening! Normally when the OQLF releases these lists, it's words you're NOT allowed to use. 

Like the time the released their list of alternatives for words that don't exist in French. Words like: Air guitar, Best Seller, Blooper, Podcast or FlashMob. 

Click here for the full list

But now the OQLF are waving the white flag and saying that the following English words are among the list of anglicisms that CAN be used by businesses and restaurants in Montreal: 

  • Cocktail 

  • Chef

  • Grilled Cheese 

  • Legging

  • Toast

  • Baby-boom 

  • Softball

Unfortunately words like "parking", "hashtag" and "selfie" are still not deemed to be acceptable. 

Click here for more information

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