Justin Trudeau made history over the weekend by becoming the first Canadian Prime Minister to participate in a Pride parade.

Trudeau marched in the parade that took place in Toronto on Sunday. It wasn't the first time he participated, however this was historical because he wasn't the Prime Minister last time he attended.

Trudeau is actually frustrated that people are making a big deal out of this because he thinks that a Prime Minister attending a pride parade should not be generating so much buzz, it should be expected.

And from now on it will be.

To mark the occasion, here are all the best photos taken of Trudeau at the Toronto Pride Parade 2016:

Trudeau at the Pride parade! #prideparade #pridetoronto #happypride

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#pridetoronto #justintrudeau #loveislove #youcansitwithus

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The 23rd Prime Minister of Canada (+secretservice) // #PrideToronto

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History made✔️ #PrideTO #PrideMonth

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I love that this is our Prime Minister. I love that ever since he was elected I've been able to breathe a little easier. I love that he's a genuinely GOOD GUY (he is - it's in his eyes). I love that in a small town, somewhere, a young queer is seeing his/her PM marching in the Pride Parade & feeling like it might be ok to be gay, after all. I love that I voted for him & would do so again in an instant. I love that even the haters are pausing & posting things like, "Hmmm...not a fan of the Liberals but this IS pretty cool." I love that he's here, for now, for us & I love that he's leading with kindness, with humour, with heart. (And I love my friend Tanisha's description of him: "He's not perfect, but he's rare.") ❤️??? #justintrudeau #thepeoplespm #dontbuildwallsbuildbridges #pride #pridetoronto #torontolife #lovefromthe6ix #loveiseverywhere #thisishowyoudoitbaby || ? @happyfacesofpride

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The Prime Minister and Mayor. #prideto #pridetoronto #pridetoronto2016 #Toronto

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