After barely getting the chance to shake off the trauma of the Tide Pod challenge, where social media users and internet-lovers collectively shook their heads at countless teens and young adults popping bright blue detergent pods for a brief moment of fleeting internet fame - another equally brainless and potentially hazardous challenge has surfaced.  The condom challenge.

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What is it exactly? Brace yourself, this isn't pleasant. 

Basically, you start by inserting the tip of the condom deep into one nostril and obstructing airflow to the other nostril by plugging it with your finger. 

Then - take a deep breath and aggressively inhale so that the force sucks the condom up into your nasal canal and into the back of your mouth. If done successfully, you should be able to pull the condom out of your mouth from there.

Some people who grew up in the 90s might remember a similar recess challenge done with a string of spaghetti. But a condom? This is some next level shit.

The condom challenge actually dates back to 2007, when one of the first youtube videos of a girl sucking a condom through her nose while an angsty Taylor Swift song played innocently in the background.

Although we're not sure why the trend has re-surfaced, teenagers are, to put it nicely - dumb. And they'll basically do anything you tell them NOT to do. The post-Tide Pod ruckus seems to have struck a chord with internet youth culture: now proudly standing up and announcing to the digital world, the challenges have only just begun.  


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