An amber alert was issued yesterday afternoon when police were notified that five-year-old Jannah Jaffri was missing. The girl was allegedly kidnapped by her father, Soloman Jaffri, who is not supposed to have access to the child.

The pair was seen leaving the girl's school in a taxi last night. An amber alert was issued to find the girl and her father. Luckily, they were found quickly, and the girl is safe. 

Many people are reacting to this story emotionally, but some for a different reason than others. Many are taking to the internet to complain about how the Amber Alert disturbed them yesterday.

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TL;DR Jannah Jaffri was found safe yesterday thanks in part to an Amber Alert. Unfortunately, many people are taking to the Internet to complain about why the amber alert disturbed their day.

It appears that the Amber Alert, which was cancelled about an hour after it was issued when the girl was found, kept rolling out after the girl was found. This made a lot of people very angry.

York police warned people not to contact 9-1-1 about how the Amber Alert is still rolling out, as this clogs the phone lines.

People were not happy that their phones bothered them yesterday. Amber Alerts tend to be loud so that people notice them quickly.

Most people in the GTA area got the alert yesterday, and the alerts kept rolling out even after the girl was found.

Charges were not filed against the father by police, who has been released by police. Though police initially believed that Soloman Jaffri was not allowed to have access to the child, Soloman is denying these allegations.

It is clear that the rights of fathers are sometimes overlooked in custody cases, but people are quick to criticise the mother without having the full details of the story.

Police are likely to keep updates on the case private, so the public will probably not know what truly happened.


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