Americans are stereotypically loud, crude, and ignorant of any culture but their own, which really isn't true in most cases, except this one. Last month, Montreal was invaded by the embodiment of all things bad with America, when Joe came to the city and hilariously harrassed a bunch of Montrealers.

As part of his own ongoing YouTube series "Joe Goes," Joe took to Montreal's streets to interview citizens and get a sense of the city. In true American form, Joe is pretty crass and says some stuff he really shouldn't say to a Quebecers. Joe also freestyles in the video, like a white-boy would.

While its meant to be a joke, Joe's video actually does give a pretty good sense of the city, as he interviews many different types of Montrealers all around the city, all with hilarious results. Probably our favourite quote comes from when Joe asks a Montreal woman how to "you're a handsome American" in French, to which she dryly replies "you don't say that."

Check out Joe Goes to Canada: Montreal in the video below. See more of Joe at his YouTube channel here.

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