Grab your blankets and get ready to be amazed because the Perseid meteor shower will be making one hell of an appearance this August in Montreal. The Perseid shower happens annually and is known for being one of the brightest showers, featuring tons of super fast meteors that often leave those picturesque trails in the sky. If you're only going to make one star-gazing expedition this year, make sure it's this one.

While this shower does happen annually, this year in particular is going to be pretty special because the meteors haven't been this visible in nearly 5 years. Although the shower will be happening for a few more weeks, you'll get the best views on the 12th and 13th of August, before the new moon, when the night skies will be darker. You can expect to see up to 100 shooting stars in an hour!

And don't worry about busting out that dusty old telescope from the basement, or buying yourself a pair of binoculars, because these meteors will be perfectly visible to the naked eye.

You can check out the best places to go star-gazing near Montreal here, and if you're interested, there's going to be a talk and meteor viewing organized by The Night Sky Guy at the Morgan Arboretum tonight at 8pm.


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