After months and even years of intense debate and negotiation between Tump and Trudeau, Canada ceded to a new trade deal with the United States called the USMCA (United States, Mexico, and Canada Agreement)

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If it seemed that this deal magically came about overnight, that's because it did. You're definitely not imagining things. 

It was the result of extreme pressure tactics employed by president Trump on Trudeau and his administration.

Our government was stuck in the negotiation process.

Either agree to Trump's terms or risk auto tariffs from the Trump administration that could have possibly led to a recession.

In this new trade deal, Canada has backed-down on three main points of negotiation: internet rights, security of dairy farmers, and steel and aluminum tariffs.

Currently, Canadians are particularly angry about the security for dairy farmers in Canada.

This is because Canada already possesses a rich dairy farm market and normally manages its dairy supply to benefit local producers and exclude American competitors.

This will all change with the new trade deal, as Canada will now be required to allow dairy products from the United States to enter and flood retailer shelves. 

What's so bad about U.S. milk you ask? Well, the U.S. supply is full of chemically altered milk which is actually banned in Canada.

In light of this new trade deal, the Trudeau administration made a bubbly promotional video that attempts to shed a positive light on the new trade deal. 

Hundreds of angry Canadians are reacting to the video; the public has made it abundantly clear that this "propaganda" is not fooling anyone.

Lastly, we have this lovely image that we can never un-see again.

I'm eager to see how Trudeau will address this public discontent.

More news to come on the new trade deal.


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