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People who buy lottery tickets are pretty serious about the whole loto-process. Buying a Loto-Québec is basically a modern day ritual many can't help but perform. Even those of us who buy a loto ticket once in a while are always sure to check out numbers. Not this Montrealer, however, which sucks for them, because they actually won millions.

For longer than a month, a Montrealer has been walking around with a winning lottery ticket, and apparently has no clue, as outlined in The Gazette. Loto-Québec is officially on the hunt for this loto-winner, whose numbers were drawn for the November 29th, 2014 prize of $2 million.

The numbers chosen were 4-14-15-16-28-37, and the winner has 'til November 30th of 2015 to claim their prize. Loto-Québec knows where the ticket was purchased, only divulging that the store was in LaSalle, for security reasons. So if you regularly buy lottery tickets in LaSalle, or happened to last November, go get your $2 million.

Again, I will accept a cash thank-you for letting you know.

Find out more info by heading to Loto-Québec's website here.

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