• The mayor of the City of Asbestos has decided that because of the negative connotations attached to the word "asbestos," the city will be changing its name.
  • Citizens of the city are being asked to help in the decision for the new name.
  • Read some of the funny names people have come up with for a potential new city name below!

In Quebec, we're known for having quite interesting city names. While you're on the road, you come across municipalities like Saint-Louis-du-Ha!Ha! and Rivière-Aux-Graines. The names of Quebec municipalities are truly all over the place. But, one of them has now decided to give itself a new story. The City of Asbestos has announced that it is going to change its name.

Asbestos is a municipality located in the Eastern Townships with a population of nearly 7,000. This city is best known for its mining industry as it borders the Jeffrey mine, one of the largest open-pit asbestos mines.

Asbestos, a toxic mineral, was found in the air in many old buildings, which ended up causing many people to become ill after having breathed asbestos in. And because of this negative connotation of the word Asbestos, the City Council announced: "that it is favourable to change the name of the municipality."

It was in a Facebook publication that the city announced it on Wednesday, indicating, among other things, that this decision was made following several considerations.

"Unfortunately, the word "Asbestos" does not have a good connotation, particularly in English-speaking circles, and therefore constitutes a barrier to the City's desire to develop economic relations abroad. It is therefore by keeping in mind the municipality's desire to be dynamic both in terms of citizenship and economics that the decision to change its name was made."

The Mayor of Asbestos, Hugues Grimard, also pointed out: "Since citizens are ambassadors for a municipality and representatives of its vitality, it was self-evident that the population would be involved in the process and in the choice of the new name."

Thus, the Abestrians will have the difficult task of finding the new name for their city. Already on social networks, several ideas have been suggested and it's easy to say they are quite funny.

Among these are variants are: Bestos, Esbestos, Icebestos, Asbestas, Saint-Asbestosine, Asbeston and more.

Others have really let their creativity go.

And it continues for more than 600 comments.

However, among these reactions, several also expressed their dissatisfaction and disagreement with this decision.

TRANSLATION (of the first comment): Honestly, I find this sad. Yes, Asbestos means "Amiante," (the French word for Asbestos) but it is still the history of the city, the history of its people, and the history of the City of Asbestos. So, why should the name be changed?

TRANSLATION (of the first comment): You guys don't know what to do with the money from taxes? As if REAL entrepreneurs would change their minds in investing in our city because of its name... This is stupidity at its highest.

Many residents of Asbestos feel that changing the city's name would be like denying their history and origin.

The new name of the city of Asbestos will be announced in 2020.

In the meantime, the city will collect suggestions from residents. It should be noted that the details of the selection process have not yet been determined.

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