Hey, Montreal! We all love (to talk about) our lovely Mayor, Valérie Plante. 

Yesterday, Plante sat down for an interview covering her first 100 days in office. 

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The 100-day mark is typically the point where we can really evaluate the progress of our government, and how much success they will have moving forward in the near future.

Valérie Plante spoke about the progress made on some of her biggest election promises, and we are listing all the updates right here for you all, so stick with us, kids.

Kept promises: 

  • Formula E - Valérie Plante canceled the city's contract with Formula E barely within a month
  • Transit - Plante vowed her first order of business would be buying 300 new buses for the city - it took until January, but the purchase is going forward with provincial government support
  • Pit Bull Ban/Animal Control - A major win, Plante kept her promise of revoking breed-specific dog bans and is holding public consultations to draw up new animal control regulations

Broken Promises:

  • Property taxes - despite her campaign promise to not raise property taxes beyond the standard inflation rate of 2.1%. This was kept in a way, raising taxes by 1.9% - but she also raised water tax by 1.1% and borough taxes by another .3%. 

Plante noted that 70% of Montreal's revenue's come from property taxes. She claims that they are putting together a committee to diversify the source of revenues, and unfortunately right now there is no solution to the problem.

Valérie Plante goes on to say that the next budget released, noting that this budget was "dealing with stuff from the past administration, and the next one will be mine."

What exactly that means isn't too clear, yet.

Remains to be seen:

  • STM Pink Line - the biggest promise made that influenced voters. Similar to the 300 new buses, news of the new metro line being made a priority was released this week, with support from the provincial government. 

The CBC interview also collected questions from users being sent in, some of which included how she planned to deal with the Montreal Mafia, addressing evenko's construction take-over of Parc Jean-Drapeau, and the diversity issue at Montreal's City Hall. 

None of which was mentioned or answered in the interview, to no real surprise.

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