Yesterday it seemed like the only story in the news was about Barack Obama; where he went, what he ate and who he spoke to. 

And on 2 separate occasions, I heard people talking about how they wished Obama could be the next Prime Minister of Canada.

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But would that actually be possible?  Oddly enough, it turns out the answer is, YES!

If Obama actually wanted to become the next Prime Minister of Canada, he could totally do it. 

It turns out that unlike the US presidential elections, the candidates in Canada don't actually need to have been born in this country. The only requirement is that you must be a Canadian citizen. 

The Prime Minister doesn't even need to be a member of parliament before being elected, at least 2 of Canada's prime ministers (Sir John Joseph Caldwell Abbott and Sir Mackenzie Bowell) were appointed to their positions even though they weren't sitting members of the House of Commons. 

So if Obama wanted to become Prime Minister, all he would need to do it move here and become a citizen. Getting elected would probably be the easier part of the plan if you think about it. (Admit it, you'd probably vote for him)

And we're not the only ones who would like this to happen. Some people even created a whole website to convince the rest of the country that Obama should be our next PM.  

It's called

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