I think it's very safe to say that we've glided right over winter this year, and landed squarely into spring.

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Which, I don't know about you guys, but I find to be pretty freaking amazing. Spring is one of my top two favourite seasons... also, I think we can all agree that the sunshine, lack of snow, and mild temperatures are all serious plusses. 

One of the best things about spring, though? All the spring/summer activities that come back into our lives, like biking (without worrying about ice and slush), hiking, and, of course, gorging yourself on as much ice cream as you can possibly fit in your mouth.

And one West Island ice cream merchant seems to agree.

Baskin Robbins on Kirkland (2752 Boulevard Saint-Charles) will be celebrating the gorgeous weather on March 4, 2017, by offering up small ice cream cones for 31 (or 30, since we don't do pennies anymore) cents each. 

And if the super, super inexpensive ice cream isn't a big enough grab for you, the day will also be full of fun family activities. 

Sounds like one seriously sweet deal? Then check out their Facebook for more updates.

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