Brunswick the shark has finally arrived in Canadian waters after a journey along the United States Atlantic coast. The shark, which, according to Global News, is over 8 feet and 430 pounds, was spotted off the coast of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia in the Bay of Fundy earlier this week.

Brunswick was first tagged this past February, the Global News report continues. A Twitter accounted established in his name has since garnered over 3,200 followers. He has a large social media presence, updating followers on his travels and sharing his thoughts along the way.

"I’ve been talking about Canada a lot & here I am! Did you know there is a place named after me here????? I’m not kidding! It’s called 'New Brunswick!' I’m so honored! I wonder if there’s a statue of me in the town square?" he wrote on Tuesday.

Despite his enthusiasm for Canada, Brunswick is actually "named for the people of Brunswick, Georgia," his Twitter bio makes clear. Though he is friends with Nova the shark, who is named for the Canadian province of Nova Scotia.

Despite Brunswick's charm, great white sharks are, of course, a great concern for beachgoers. Indeed, the species is responsible for between one third and half of shark attacks on humans, according to National Geographic.

Brunswick also represents a growing trend among great white sharks. According to a July 2018 report by The Globe & Mail, the species is more frequently voyaging into Canadian waters in pursuit of food.

Brunswick will likely not be the last shark to make an appearance in Canadian waters this summer.

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Stay tuned for more news on Brunswick's travels. Follow him on Twitter here and read the report from Global News here.

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