I'm not sure if you know this, but there is a lot of filming going on in Montreal right now.

The Montreal cop show 19-2 has been taking over many parts of downtown for the last few weeks.

Bruce Willis is also in town filming the remake of the movie Death Wish.

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And now it's Ben Stiller's turn to hog the spotlight.

Stiller is currently, in town filming for his new movie called Brad's Status

The movie is directed by Mike White (The Roommate in School of Rock) and is being produced by Brad Pitt's company Plan B.

We were staring at this picture trying to figure out where this was taken. And after realizing that the store fronts were fake, we noticed you could see a reflection in the window that read "eeknO"

So finally we figured out this was taken across the street from Marche Onkee in Verdun.

Stiller also took the time to visit a couple of shop owners, including a game shop and a hair salon.

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